7 comments on “Bitcoins First Emerging Payments Conference in India with @bensonsamuel

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  2. Clearly Kunnal Sharma doesn’t understand free software. It’s about freedom, it’s not gratis. Bitcoin has fees too. Bitcoin payment processors such as bitpay also charge additional fees. But bitcoin couldn’t work if it wasn’t free software because nobody could trust the algorithm. Even if it started being legitimate it would end up being malware like windows or macOS (among a zillion other examples).
    He should listen to a Richard Stallman conference, there’s many out there, even in privative formats and reproduced by privative malware like flash.

    • I agree. Bitcoin is way ahead of its time for people like him.
      Part of Bitcoins acceptance comes from the fact that people around the world have seen the code and the workings.
      Like I mentioned, India will be defensive for a while, but it is nice to see the moves that they are making towards change.

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