7 comments on “Talking Bitcoin with Jeff Garzik

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  3. A currency whether tangible or digital is a unit which measures the value of goods & services in ALL WALKS OF LIFE. When Marconi invented the radio, people thought that he was mad. Again when Techies said that Electronic-cards can enable business transaction, people laughed initially. But today Credit cards & Debit cards are a reality. At every stage of Technological Growth & Evolution CRITICISM from people in power & the pseudo-intellectuals HAVE TO BE FACED.
    If the young & nacsent digital currency BITCOIN needs to become a Global currency, it must get the approval of the majority of countries or the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION.

  4. I’ve been looking for BitCoin hack info. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of alternative currencies. However, I can find no info on BitCoin hacks, how many? how much? And what was done to fix the problem. FedGov.Inc (note domain suffix) wants to enact anti money laundering laws to include all virtual currencies. Plus, there is MS nothing that should be allowed as a store of BitCoin wealth due to it’s inherent vulnerabilities. I’ve been a Linux user for years.. I would be paranoid enough to have a separate dedicated BC apparatus.. Where only approved software would reside. Also, I would have an end to end Virtual Swx Network connection. Before conducting any BitCoin transactions. Forgive the paranoia. However, if BitCoin incurs the ire of FedGov.Inc expect repercussions . Therefore, I would suggest the BitCoin community had better be prepared./

    • You should check all the pull requests on github to see the fixes in place. It is one of the most transparent systems around.
      The FedGov may impact trade in the US, but not elsewhere. They will also push the prices sky high.
      I know for certain that with each regulation about Bitcoin coming up, it proves that there is no other way to take it down than some flimsy laws.
      finCEN’s announcement made me stronger believer in Bitcoins survival and surge.

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