Dragon’s Tale gets ready for BETA


Dragon’s tale evolved from the same engine that ran the highly successful ‘A Tale in the Desert’ and DT is by far the most innovative game in the world of Bitcoin & Casino’s. Having spent a year in Alpha, with extensive live tests from a growing community, DT gets set for a BETA release in the next few weeks. The play to win Bitcoin game that I had written about last year is all grown up and has made US$ 1mn+ over the past year.

I caught up with Teppy, the President and game developer of eGenesis and he was proud of the milestones crossed since the game began, “The two biggest additions to Dragon’s Tale in the last year (not counting the dozens of new released games) have been the Tournament system and the system of Governed Islands. High-level (10+) players can set up tournaments for others to play in, with a really rich set of rules and options. They can charge entry fees for these, though many are freerolls, sometimes just for their mentoring family. We’ve had player-sponsored tournaments with up to 10 BTC in prizes.” Said Tepper,

An Island on DT currently governed by Zombie
An Island on DT currently governed by Zombie

“Governed Islands are our way of creating subcommunities within Dragon’s Tale. For an explanation of why I feel it’s important to do this, I’d suggest reading about “Dunbar’s Number.” Governors and their deputies control who may visit their island, and have a few other tools to cultivate their subcommunities. The election system is novel, and has been crafted to encourage the formation of these groups: it borrows from range voting, weighted voting, and single-transferable-vote systems.”

There have been massive jackpots on Dragon’s Tale such as Jase’s nearly back-to-back pair of
950 BTC wins on Shrines. Bitcoins were only worth $12 at the time though. More recently parse-eval had an 88 BTC jackpot for performing an exotic cow-tipping technique, and Umuri won 100 BTC by shaking a coconut tree. Umuri is a great mentor along with many other level 5 and above players in this MMO.

“We don’t track where players are from (or collect any other demographic information.) Judging by chat, we seem to have lots of player’s from Europe, the United States, and some from South America.” said Teppy, when asked about the demographic distribution of players in DT.

A Bar menu

Dragon’s Tale also features physical Cigars that can be shipped. Teppy plans on including more items such as chocolates to help grow the borders of Dragon’s Tale well into the Physical world.

We ended the chat with Teppy presenting his views on a mobile app for DT. “It’s probably not something we would build ourselves, but I’ve been approached about this and I don’t yet have a clean way to integrate mobile into the persistent world, so it’s not in the immediate future.”

Dragon’s Tale has grown immensely since it began. With a comprehensive list of games and a growing community, this is 2nd or 3rd highest earning game in the Bitcoin gambling space with wagers totaling 416,123 BTC(USD $45m) and won jackpots totaling 406,759 BTC(USD $44m). And that has been its Alpha release accomplishment.

The last security breach was 2 and a half years ago when someone found a loophole that let them change the wager base on a retained state game. This is a testament to the games security and reliablity.

Having moved servers to Costa Rica, Teppy will be hosting a series of tournaments over the next few days towards the build-up of the BETA release.

The Tournament Sign-up Board

Almost everyone who plays is likely to win 5BTM. 50 out of the 53 entrants from the last tournament had won 5 BTM as a minimum, the rest of the small stakes bets won people between 20 and 100 BTM. These were some statistics only from the small stakes bets.

Looking forward to an actively developed and maintained game become more of an industry as the years pass. The game offers massive future potential for in-game placements, professional mentors, herb hunters, soldier scavenging and many other earning opportunities. Credit cards are also accepted by Dragon’s Tale.

Over 100 games and counting, ranging from Drinks to Bench kicks, Dragons Tale is a legend in the making.

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