Bangalore Bitcoin Creativity Crew Meet Up – 11/01/2014

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Universal Bitcoin Exchange – Interview with Jeremias Kangas of Localbitcoins.com

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Bitcoins First Emerging Payments Conference in India with @bensonsamuel

Bitcoin goes to CARTES 2012 – Paymium’s Newest Offering – Announcement from Paymium about Banking Partner & Bitcoin’s 1st Visit to CARTES.

Jorge Timón – An Interesting & Involved Bitcoiner – Interview with the founder of Freicoin

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Bitcoin – Reaching India! Why Is It So Important?

Bitcoins celebrity status and the Death of Trust

                    Dragon’s Tale – Play to win Bitcoin – Interview with the President of eGenesis

Reserve Bank of India regulations on Bitcoin in India

51 comments on “Home

  1. ok mate,do you know any body from madurai are in and round madurai ? now im using liberty reserve ,just planing to jump to bitcoins mate,just wanna know how to buy and sell bitcoins, can you guide me mate?….

    • join the forum at bitcointalk.org. There are a few people from Chennai and Kerala. Most of my work is around Bangalore. Maybe a quick trip to Bangalore for one of our meetups will expand your Bitcoin network. You can also convert your LR to BTC quite easily.
      Another way to work this is to register on localbitcoins.com. this seems to be working very well in Bangalore with 3-4 confirmed buy/ sells.

    • hi,i am from madurai. and i am new to bitcoins and i am planning to do bitcoin mining.
      can you provide me your email id so that wecan talk there and i need you advice setting up a bitcoin miner

  2. Thank you for your informative articles.
    I have just discovered bitcoin and you call me one of those who has just joined the gold rush. (though it is another matter that I have just gathered gold dust so far) But I want to be on the right side of the law.Since there is no clear guideline from RBI on bitcoin, I wonder if you could offer some suggestion
    – Is it illegal to convert your bitcoins to INR either by direct exchange with another person in my locality who is willing to purchase bitcoins as far current laws in India are concerned ?
    – is there another way possible to convert to bitcoins to INR legally and remit to my account in India (I am based in India) provided i am willing to declare in my tax returns ?
    – do you suppose it would be good idea to ask these questions to RBI (perhaps via their website or dropping them a RTI or something) ?

    PS : Sorry for posting this earlier in one your another blog post.

    • When INR touches Bitcoin it moves into a grey area. Bitcoins nature has not been defined by the RBI, but it will come under Virtual Currencies, which are regulated in India.
      The only legal way to procure Bitcoin are Mining and selling services for Bitcoin. Sale of goods comes under the regulation as it can generate revenue that needs to be taxed.
      The good thing about cash is that it cannot be traced, therefore buying Bitcoin with INR is highly un-regulatable due to the fact that 97% of India uses cash.
      I like the idea of an RTI to the RBI. Let me work on that and revert back to you.

      • Thanks very much for your insight. Regarding earning bitcoin, there is another way which to visit those sites offering bitcoins for free or clicking link etc. Though they offer almost nothing, I suppose they are better than nothing till one is in position to mine bitcoins or offer services. For now I think the best strategy would be keep on accumulating them and cash on then when they become legal.
        And thanks for considering RTI. In case I do that or contact RBI regarding this I would surely update you.

  3. hi mate,
    tnx for your guidness,i had sent them mail, but there’s no replay yet mate, do you know any other person ?do you have any other contact details of the mates in chennai?

      • ok mate,i wanna to sell and buy only,i have to ask my customer to credit the amount on bitcoin instead of lr. in fact i dont know how to sell and buy itself , my customer wll credit the pay in USD wll the payment get credited in INR

      • Receiving Bitcoins is not as big a problem as using them. They can be bought or earned relatively easily. Selling them seems to be the problem for now.

  4. ok mate,can you guide me how to convert bitcoins in to inr(indian ruppes) by mtgox or by mrbitcoin, how to log on to mrbitcoin mate,guide me friend

  5. Hi i am planning to do bitcoin mining to earn some money and you tell mw wheather it will be profitalbe or not or is it advisable to do bitcoin mining?

  6. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been
    blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of
    your site is great, let alone the content!

  7. i just want to know whether bitcoins are regulated by FEMA, 1999 or RBI regulations. If bitcoins purchased in a foreign nation and exhanging it to an authorised money exchanger in India without special or general permission from RBI amounts to an offence of money laundering? pls can u clarify my doubt..?

  8. @Benson Samuel,
    Good to see lots of happenings in india about Bit Coins, May I know why these guys are showing interest in purchasing Bit Coins. I had seen the charts of Bitcoins it looks like price collapse is likely to happen and happening! If you are a buyer then BitCoin Economy bothers me.

    • @Rajendran, Thank you for connecting. I have taken this price crash opportunity to get some more coins! While a price collapse may happen, It will never be a complete collapse. Bitcoin is the only method in the world that allows for such ease of use. It’s unique properties are what will keep it alive, not its prices. No, I am not a buyer in the economy, buy I do earn Bitcoins through programming, blogging, marketing and a bit of mining.

  9. Nice blog. I’m actually stupid to have not gone into bitcoins, when I discovered it on 2009, I was 18 then. Now I’m 21 and I feel bad about this. But now, I guess it’s not too late. What are the business opportunities which are available through trading/ services/ products etc. Hope you reply. Thanks.

  10. does anyone know help me out how to mine bitcoin using cpu. because i am having access to around 200 cpu’s which is running 24/7. some one please help me out. i am from chennai

  11. Hello Ben,

    I’m Sunil here from Mysore…. i’m a small time techie at few cafes at b’lore, 2 yrs back shifted to Mysore… i’m really amused of bitcoins from past 1 year… but none of my family members encourages it… it would be nice if i could meet u in person… i see u stay in bangalore… if its ok with u could u please drop ur address or a location to meet at my mail: sunilshivling@yahoo.com

  12. Hi Mr. Benson,

    We are planning to hold a programme on ‘Bitcoin – it’s prospect’ and would like to invite you to address us on the theme in February 2014. We are a 112 years old Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata. Looking forward to your response.

    Prem Kumar Kankaria

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