Decentralizing Energy With Bitcoin

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Energy decentralization has been a dream for several worldwide organizations and communities supporting a clean green environment. is a market leader in solar panelsbatteriescharge controllers, and solar mounting hardware. Loaded with an energy savings calculator and technical support for installation and troubleshooting, this could be the answer to Bitcoins electricity hungry nature.

I caught up with the COO of Gogreensolar for a quick Chinwag on their initiatives and Business model.


Harold Tan: COO of Gogreensolar

Harold Tan: COO of Gogreensolar








1.       Tell us a bit about your vision and mission for

Hi Benson, our vision is simple – change the world with green energy.  Our environments are toxic, communities are exploited, and we’re on a collision course for a dead end if things don’t change.  We’re here to help make that change, and our mission achieves it by bringing awareness and access to effective green energy solutions.


 2.       Would be great if we could see a graph of Gogreensolars growth since inception.

Unfortunately we can’t provide that graph, but we can say that we’re undergoing tremendous growth and can always utilize more team members!  Contact us if you’d like to join the team.


3.       How did you hear about Bitcoin? How did you’ll make the decision to go with it as a payment option?

From a good friend in the financial services industry.  The values of Bitcoin and energy independence seem to be aligned.  Bitcoin is a decentralized economic tool, and we see energy moving toward a decentralized model.  We support systemic decentralization (like the internet), and partner with entities of similar values.


4.       Any Bitcoin orders so far?

Yes!  Big thanks to Redditors for helping get the word out.  Sorry for any initial confusion on the checkout process, we’re waiting for Shopify integration to have the purchase experience completely seamless, but we definitely do accept Bitcoins for any orders by phone or email.


5.       What plans are in store for 2013-2014?

We have some very big projects lined up with major municipalities that I can’t talk about quite yet.  But it will make news headlines. We have a lot going on behind the scenes beyond just selling parts 😉  We are also in talks with traditional investors regarding these big projects, but are exploring new investment models like crowd-sourced funding.


6.       Any plans to go international with Gogreensolar?

We currently already service international clients, but don’t have any physical presence overseas.  If there’s anybody international reading this article that would like to partner, drop us a line!


7.       Any partnerships planned in the near future?

Many!  The growth of our business ultimately depends on partnerships and relationships.  Without people, without an integrated web of support, we would just be another retail shop buying and selling matter.  We’re here to do much more than that, we’re here to improve the way we produce and consume energy.  Join us!


That was a nutshell of Gogreensolars plans, vision and dedication to Energy and Decentralization. I am hoping that a few Business cases can emerge based on this adoption of Bitcoin.


Gogreensolar Payment Options

Gogreensolar Payment Options


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