Technology Geek! 🙂 In love with disruptive technologies. An Evangelist, Developer & Consultant working with people to build better technologies. I love working with start-ups on marketing and mass-audience reach, I write to understand future technology. I learn straight from the smartest people in the world.

Disclaimer: Most of the Views and Opinions are my own. Carefully formed through research and mentorship.


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  1. Hello Sir
    I am developing website for a labview freelance marketplace , so i have need to develop an escrow system that uses only bitcoins.Please sir help me
    tell about escrow system that uses bitcoin only.

  2. Hi Benson-

    I think the success of Bitcoin is tied to its success in India, and Bitcoin won’t take hold in India until someone in India is mining bitcoins.

    Perhaps if you could find someone suitable for the job and present them to the Bitcoin community, the bitcoiners of the world might be willing to back a bitcoin miner in India via a loan for mining equipment? I think everyone knows how important getting bitcoin into India is and would be willing to help if it presented in the right way. I’d certainly donate to such a thing.

    It’s just an idea, maybe not a good one.

    best to you-


    • I am a Canadian living in and currently working out of Bangalore. I am also interested in helping mine bitcoins here in India. Was thinking of purchasing equipment from butterfly labs after new ASIC hardware is released.

      • Hi Sunny, Nice to meet another Bangalore based Bitcoiner. My understanding is that the asics have already shipped out and are out of stock at the moment. Do let me know your profession. I am gathering info on the talent that we have here to earn Bitcoin through service rather than mining.

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